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Sonic's Traveler's Log

The Adventures of a Young Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (Age 12)




August 13th, 2007

Log 11

Yay!, :D
Knuckles is a lot of fun to play with. :D That's good, because things have been pretty uneventful lately and I'd be bored out of my skull if I didn't have something to do. And I am the King of Tag, because no one can catch me! 

Anyway, I have been hearing a few rumors about something called '"Little Planet." It's a really small planet (obviously), that appears out of no where near a lake somewhere once every few years. That sounds kinda weird. O.o I wonder if should check it out....

June 12th, 2007

Log 10

It's been a while since the last time I updated this thing, so I might as well just summarise everything important that's happened since the last time I wrote.

So anyway.... After we defeated Eggman last time, Tails started working on some kind of thingy that's supposed to track powerful energy signitures like the chaos emeralds. When he was testing the thing out he discovered this really really big signature somewhere a few miles off from where we were at the time so we decided to take a look.

We found this huge Island Floating in the sky! It was so cool! But almost as soon as we got there we were attacked by some Red guy who stole the Chaos Emeralds! >:O That Knuckles is so stupid! He let Eggman trick him into thinking we were the bad guys and he was a good guy! Like anyone would ever believe that! :/ (Tails says I shouldn't be too hard on him since he's never been off his Island and hadn't heard Eggman before, but I still think he should have been able to tell Eggman was bad news anyway.) And  it turned out that stupid Death Egg thing of his wasn't dead afterall. It crashed on the Island somehow and while we were trying to get the emeralds back, Eggman was repairing it.

We practically had to run from one end of the Island to the other, but we did managed to get the emeralds back (that place is bigger than it looks, it's like a small continent or something @_@), and then me and Knuckles ended up getting into this huge fight and there was a cave in and we got seperated from Tails and had to team up to get out. After that, I guess he wasn't so bad, especially since he finally figured out I wasn't trying to steal his Big Green Shiney Rock Master Emerald. Unfortunately, it was kinda too late to stop Eggman from stealing it.>_>

So, yeah. Eggman stole the Master Emerald, so Tails, Knuckles and me all teamed up and went after him to get it back. We managed to get on it before it cleared Sky Sanctuary, though we ended up having to fight some robot version of me Eggman first, that was really tough, and after running around inside it for a bit, we eventually found Eggman again, but he was the ME to power his giant robot that he used against me the last time we fought. 

We had the Seven Chaos Emeralds with us though and I....


Well, we kicked Eggman's butt! So yeah. Another one in the books. 

It was all pretty wild. Knuckles is a jerk, but he's not so bad. He needs to learn to have fun though. I think I'll have to work on that. 

May 27th, 2007

Log 9

Well, that's another adventure in the books. :D Eggman doesn't stand a chance against us! 

I wonder where Tails is? He's probably worried about me after I ran off like that. He does seem to worry a bit too much some times. He needs to loosen up! ^o^ Everything's fine!

Guess I'd better go find him!

May 25th, 2007

Log 8

angst, tired

That wasn't what I was expecting....

Well, we stopped Eggman, but that was... that was kinda scary, what happened back there. What was that all about?


Well, I guess it doesn't matter. I didn't hurt  no one got hurt or anything and I kicked Eggman's butt, so it's all good.


May 24th, 2007

Log 7

Partners in Crime
Jeez. Has it really been that long since the last time I updated?  Time flies when you're having fun I guess.

Anyway, we figured out what he's going to use the emeralds for. He's got this giant space station thing called the Death Egg and it's got some kind of death ray thing that he needs the emeralds to power (Tails muttered something about a movie, but I don't know what he meant oo;;). Appearantly he's gonna use it to take over the planet from space or something. We stopped him from getting six of the Chaos Emeralds, but appearently there are seven of them and I didn't know about it. >.>; 

Well, he got the seventh one, so now we gotta chase after him to get it back. Tails called in a favor to have to the Tornado (that's the name Tails gave the bi-plane. I didn't even think of giving it a name. ~_~) brought here so we can get to that Sky Fortress of his, which according to what Tails found out, is where Eggman is keeping it. Tails thinks it might be a trap so Eggman can try and get the other emeralds from us, but oh well. It's not like we have much of a choice and besides, there's no way it's gonna work on this Hedgehog.

Welp. Looks like the Tornado is finally here. Time to get going.

May 20th, 2007

Log 6

Whelp. Looks like it's that time again. Eggman just showed up. Just when I was wondering if he'd given up already too.

Me an Tails were playing when we heard something that sounded like an explosion coming from somewhere near by. When we went to go take a look, we got ambushed by a bunch of Eggman's robots. No biggie though. We took care of them in no time at all. 

So it looks like Tails and I get to kick major Egg-butt together! ^.^ this'll be fun!

Log 5

Partners in Crime
Well that took less time than I thought. I finally met my "stalker" today. XD
His name's Miles, but he's got two tails instead of just one (just like the weird plushy), so I'm calling him Tails, and it's really cool too 'cause he can use them to fly and stuff!

And guess what? I showed him the bi-plane and he says he can fix it! So I guess that means I'm not stuck anymore! :D He's gotta be some kind of genius or something. He's only five years old and he knows how to fix things like plane engines! I guess I'm really lucky I met him, huh?

Though you know, he really is shy. He started blushing and stopped looking at me when I told him he was cool. But, that's fine. I'm sure he'll get over it.

He also said that he could show me some cool stuff about the Island tomorrow. I can't wait for that. :D

Well anyway. I guess that's enough for today. I'm hungry so I'm gonna grab a bite too eat somewhere.

May 19th, 2007

Log 4

I think I finally saw who was following me. I thought I saw a little orange fox kid hiding behind a tree when I was looking over the plane again.

I wonder why he's hiding. Can't he just come out and say hello? Maybe he's just shy. I'll just leave him alone for a little bit and see if he comes out on his own. Then maybe we can play together! Normally I wouldn't wait, but I think maybe I might scare him off if I just try and talk to him.

He kinda reminds me a little of that weird floating plush toy I met in the Nexus. That reminds me. I gotta see if I can help the plush toy find his firend.

May 18th, 2007

Log 3

Thinkin', Hmm, Serious

This Island is way  bigger than South Island! I think I like it here already. Now if only I could find someone who can fix my plane.
I've talked to a few people and none of them know anything about fixing planes. It's kinda frustrating, but I guess I guess there's no help for it. I'll find someone who can help eventually. In the mean time I am having fun here and that's all that matters.

So far I've been to Emerald Hill (Which kind of reminds me of Green Hill back home except bigger), the old abandond chemical plant (Which is kinda neat, but flooded in places with some kind of weird liquid I don't wanna get near), and the Aquatic Ruins (Which remind me too much of that old maze back home), and there's lots of other cool places still left too check out!

Though you know. I get the funny feeling I'm being followed by someone. They must be pretty good at hiding because I haven't seen them yet. I'll have to check that out.

Log 2 >.>;

Well that was a short trip. Stupid storms. 

Anyway, I think the engine broke down or something and I don't know how to fix it on my own, cause I was never good at stuff like that. Now what am I gonna do? 

On the bright side at least I managed to land on one of the other islands. I think this is Westside. There's bound to be someone who lives here who could fix it. 

I guess I'd better explore some while I'm here. I'll check in later. 
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